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Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be consciously present with your experience. Mindfulness can be learnt through attentional training using meditation and gentle yoga based stretches to improve awareness, reduce stress, negativity and improve physical, emotional and mental health. It is an evidence based technique that has a holistic approach aimed at restoring balance and tranquillity.

Mindfulness involves keeping our body, mind and emotions in check. Paradoxically to keep control over these states, we do not need to try to control them. We just need to be aware in order to make sure our thoughts and internal states don't control us! We can do this by connecting back into ourselves and the moment so we can become aware and hear what’s going on in our mind and body a kind non judgmental way. This is Mindfulness. Once we are aware of the thoughts, and internal states we have a choices and freedom to respond differently. It can also be described as switching off the autopilot and living consciously.

Benefits of learning mindfulness or taking mindfulness based psychotherapy include reduction in anxiety, stress, depression, phobia, trauma, pain and irritability as well as increasing overall wellbeing, personal growth, emotional regulation, calm and equanimity.

Mindfulness improves memory, attention, enhances stamina and resilience as well as improving emotional intelligence.

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